Ms. Hunt is a diabetes education consultant who presently provides online diabetes education programs to clinicians in various Caribbean Islands. In addition, she works in the diabetes community in Florida to provide diabetes self-management skills to patients with diabetes. Mrs. Hunt is the founder of the group Diabetes Educators of the Caribbean.

Ms. Hunt has developed and presented lectures on diabetes to health professionals for many years. She has been a Program Manager, an insulin pump trainer, and a nurse educator for over 25 years. Her work has included obtaining National Recognition for three hospitals in the United States; as well as developing and implementing training programs for clinicians in the Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, the Cayman Islands, Antigua, and Jamaica; and in 2008, she facilitated the first-ever examination for Caribbean Certified Diabetes Educators in the region. This program now has over 55 practicing certified clinicians in the region and many more who are in certification. She has actively participated in setting up diabetes patient education programs in the Bahamas, the University Hospital of the West Indies, and the Cayman Islands. Most recently, she has participated in the development of patient education videos for patient use.