VIDCOE Launches it’s first customized internal database of all patient data.

In an effort to improve public health decision making and supporting existing health infrastructures, VIDCOE has invested in developing a HIPPAA/EHR compliant database. We have several meetings set-up with critical stakeholders to discuss our findings and find best ways to begin collaborating.   See our Sample Health Fair Report below:

Risk Factors

Risk Factors Exercise
Risk Factors Eating Fewer Calories
Risk Factors Smoke
Risk Factors High Blood Cholesterol
Risk Factors Taking Medication
Risk Factors Taking Diabetes
Risk Factors High Blood Pressure


History Diabetes
History Had Your Blood Cholesterol Checked
History Had Your Blood Pressure Checked
History Had Your Blood Sugar Checked
History High Blood Cholesterol
History High Blood Pressure


Demographic Summary By Age
Demographic Summary By Education
Demographic Summary By Gender
Demographic Summary By Income
Demographic Summary By Race