Diabetes Education

Mapping patient individual plans to control their blood glucose.

VIDCOE focuses on a wholistic approach to comprehensive diabetes care management. Diabetes education programs provide a significant resource to helping patients cope with their diabetes diagnosis. Our diabetes education approach will include the following:

Individualized Patient Care

Individualized Patient Care

VIDCOE provides lifestyle education for patients living with diabetes and their families. Patients are empowered to effectively manage their diabetes and prevent diabetes complications.

Access to a collaborative network of specialists:

Access to a collaborative network of specialists

The VIDCOE uses its collaborative network of diabetes specialists to deliver comprehensive patient-centered treatment. This includes access to Podiatrists, Optomologist, Endocrinologist, Diabetes educators, Nutritionist and Exercise & Fitness Coaches.

Conduct cutting-edge research

Conduct cutting-edge research

The VIDCOE partners with academic institutions and national partners to gain a better understanding of the root causes of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. This information is used to develop therapies to improve the quality of life for patients with diabetes.

Diabetes Self-Management Classes

Diabetes Self-Management Classes

VIDCOE offers diabetes self-management to those who are newly diagnosed or those who are pre-diabetics. This course helps you deal with your diagnosis and covers a wide range of topics to include insulin pump support, regular blood sugar monitoring, personalized nutrition, exercise, medication management and much more.

About Diabetes

Learn about diabetes, risk factors and how to manage your diabetes.

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Learn helpful tips to delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes.

Living with Diabetes

Learn tips to help you live with diabetes, improve your diet, exercise and achieve optimal health

Helpful Tool

Get tools to help you keep track of your blood pressure, glucose levels, diet and exercise routine

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