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Beeston Hill Medical Center: Health Screening Event

VIDCOE was pleased to participate in Beeston Hill’s Health and Wellness Day on Saturday October 22nd, 2022. Free Blood Pressure, Glucose, and A1c screening was offered to clients. The event was largely a success with the Center screening 14 patients and referring 7 to the center for follow-up prevention services. Diabetes is considered a silent […]

VIDCOE: Comprehensive Diabetes Focused Exam

We are pleased to finally report that we have begun offering FREE Diabetes Clinical Focused Exams to our incoming clients effective October 1st, 2022. All patients referred to the center receive an initial free diabetes focused clinical examination from one of our clinical providers, whereby, a thorough medical history is recorded and a comprehensive head […]

VIDCOE Digest: Mrs. Andrea Hunt provides strategic consultation to VIDCOE as the Diabetes Trainer

Ms. Hunt is a diabetes education consultant who presently provides online diabetes education programs to clinicians in various Caribbean Islands. In addition, she works in the diabetes community in Florida to provide diabetes self-management skills to patients with diabetes. Mrs. Hunt is the founder of the group Diabetes Educators of the Caribbean. Ms. Hunt has […]

VIDCOE Digest: VIDCOE Clinicians Completed the First Certified Caribbean Diabetes Education Training

Three VIDCOE healthcare providers completed a 28-hour Certified Caribbean Diabetes Education Training on July 29th, 2022. This intensive training prepares VIDCOE Clinicians to lead its Diabetes Self-Management Classes. The training provides VIDCOE clinicians with the skills to assess patients and manage their diabetes. This training focused on the following areas: Understanding Diabetes/Management Plan Role of […]

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